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Giving Buck a Job

Giving Buck a Job

Late last year, the CleverPet team packed our things moved into a new office. During our search for a new space, we knew that one request for the office would be vital: the ability to have dogs in the workplace.

Studio Unseen ended up being that place. And the office had already proven itself to be dog-friendly; a yellow Labrador Retriever with boundless energy, Buck has an unmistakable presence as Studio Unseen's primary canine resident. 

Our first #CleverClip of the Week

We’re excited to announce the first #CleverClip of the Week! We’ve been calling the the videos we see of animals engaging with the CleverPet Hub “CleverClips," and our goal for the #CleverClip of the Week is search far and wide for the latest and most compelling videos of animals engaging with the Hub. Submissions have been funny, thought-provoking, and some just downright cute. And ultimately, these videos help to demonstrate that animals can do so much more.

We had a great field of submissions for our first #CleverClip of the Week contest, like one video capturing "that moment" when it finally clicks, a puppy tantrum over getting the last move wrong, or that time when a buddy moved in for the treat.

It was a tough contest, but we tallied the votes and declared a winner...