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CleverPet 2020 Update

Hey there,

This is Leo, CEO of CleverPet. I'm writing to share some good news: even with everything that's been going on, we're still here :)

The bad news is that we're out of stock of our V1 CleverPet Hubs — we've transitioned to focusing on getting the next generation out the door, and over the course of the next few months we'll be sharing with you the work we've been up to over the last while.

We're also going to be sharing more regularly about the stories that excite us at CleverPet. We're enthusiastic about the potential of dogs' and cats' minds, and every day they and other animals surprise us with their intelligence. Even in the last couple of years we've discovered entirely new dimensions of what they can do.

Throughout history most people believed the mental abilities of dogs and cats were extremely limited. But consider this: 50,000 years ago, how many humans could have passed a test of basic arithmetic?

Because behavior researchers haven't been able to get dogs or cats to recognize themselves in the mirror, they concluded dogs and cats would never be able to do so. But now that everyone has a videocamera in their pocket we're finally able to capture rare glimpses of hidden potential: maybe dogs and cats can do recognize themselves, but most of the time they just aren't interested. This is why I'm super excited by videos like these two, one of a cat and one of a dog, each appearing to have figured out how mirrors work.

We're delighted to be here discovering, with you, what dogs (and cats!) can do. If you're enthusiastic like we are, please reach out! Feel free to shoot me an email ( or set up a time to chat (

Be well, and bye for now!


PS If you've got videos of your dog or cat doing anything smart or surprising, and you'd like the world to see their cleverness, you can share videos of them here.