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CleverPet uses smart hardware to offer animals engagement anytime, automatically, whether their humans are home or not.

Started in 2013, CleverPet was founded by Leo Trottier (Clever Executive Officer), Dan Knudsen, PhD (Clever Science Officer, Clever Technology Officer), and Philip Meier, PhD (Clever Product Officer). CleverPet took root and continues to grow in San Diego, California. CleverPet's products use advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques to develop elegant, durable technology solutions for the animals we share our lives with. In 2014, the CleverPet team led a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $180,000 for CleverPet's core product, the CleverPet Hub. The WiFi-connected Hub offers automatic, adaptive engagement for busy, happy dogs. 

Press Coverage
"CleverPet is a gadget that not only entertains your pooch, it also tests and improves their intellect. The concept is simple but, well, clever."
Dogs Going Digital: The Best Gadgets For Your Pets
Tech Times - December 31, 2016
"For a home alone pet, CleverPet completely transforms the experience."
The 20 Coolest Inventions of 2016
Interesting Engineering - December 29, 2016
"’s not enough to keep in constant contact with your canine. You need to look out for their intellectual development as well and for that there is CleverPet."
The Weird and Wonderful Smart Home Tech of 2016
Mansion Global - December 27, 2016
"’s a quality product that will challenge and entertain him — and you."
Tucker and Jasper Try Out the CleverPet Hub, an Electronic Food Puzzle for Dogs
Dogster - December 19, 2016
""Just like kids, dogs can benefit from interactive toys, too""
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Forbes - December 15, 2016
"This is so much more than a food bowl: The CleverPet hub feeds your dog's belly and mind."
11 Futuristic Gadgets For Your Tech-Savvy Pet
People - December 12, 2016
"With this product, the CleverPet team is taking cognitive behavioral training technology previously available only to researchers, and bringing it into the home to provide pets with the daily mental and physical stimulation they crave."
CleverPet Launches Connected Game Console for Pets
Pet Age - November 22, 2016
"If you've ever wished that your pet could play along with you on your PS4 or Xbox One - you're in luck, you kind of can!"
CleverPet is a game console for your four-legged friend: CES 2016
CNET - January 06, 2016
CONNECT Most Innovative Product: Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles - December 01, 2016
Leo Trottier
Clever Executive Officer
Leo Trottier is a unique blend of cognitive scientist, software engineer, product designer and entrepreneur. He is founder and CEO of CleverPet, a startup that uses smart hardware to teach pets automatically through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. Leo is an alumnus of San Diego's EvoNexus and the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator (powered by Techstars). He has a degree from the cognitive science and A.I. program at the University of Toronto, and started CleverPet while a PhD candidate at UC San Diego. Before CleverPet, Leo ran Scholarpedia, Wikipedia’s academic equivalent, where he worked with Nobel Laureates to "wikify scholarly canons."
Dan Knudsen
Clever Technology Officer & Clever Science Officer
Dan Knudsen is a distinctive 21st Century mix of neuroscientist, technologist, and entrepreneur, who strives to create things that make the world easier to understand. He is co-founder, CSO, and CTO of CleverPet, a startup that uses smart hardware to teach pets automatically through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. Dan earned a PhD in Neurosciences from UC San Diego. He has spent more than 13 years studying the brain and behavior. Dan is an alumnus and former Program Lead of the San Diego Startup Leadership Program, as well as having graduated from EvoNexus and the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator (powered by Techstars). Dan has a passion for spreading ideas, and sees entrepreneurship as an excellent and progressive way to bring important scientific advances from academia to the general public.
Philip Meier
Clever Product Officer
Philip Meier is a vision scientist, roboticist, and artist. Philip thrives building new products powered by smart algorithms. He is the Chief Product Officer of CleverPet, a startup that automatically teaches pets using techniques from cognitive and behavioral science. While completing his PhD in Computational Neuroscience at UC San Diego, Philip developed systems that automatically trained more than 100 animals a day. As a scientist at Brain Corporation, he developed new brain-inspired image-processing algorithms. Philip has built stereo-vision systems that allow drones to avoid collisions, using Linux on Qualcomm processors. Philip was a key catalyst in CleverPet’s successful inaugural session with the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator (powered by Techstars). Philip strives to tell compelling technology stories in our digital culture to help us understand and communicate with images and video.
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