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Lonely dog, bored dog, lazy dog, smart dog:

Meet CleverPet.

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Only CleverPet offers unlimited adaptive All-Day Play.

Never too easy, never too hard. Always just right. Engage and exercise your dog’s mind with custom light, touch, and sound puzzles.

Discover and connect with your dog in a whole new way.

A dog with a job is a happy dog.

With smart software built by PhDs in computational neuroscience, CleverPet is designed to fulfill your dog’s cognitive needs. It’s optimized for dog engagement, right down to its lights, sounds, and colors.

World-class science + world-class design making every day better for your dog.

One hub. Unlimited games.

Puzzles using touch pads, lights, and customizable sounds, paired with food-dispensing rewards, change to match your dog’s mood.

New games update automatically on the CleverPet Hub via WiFi.

Patterns, memory, logic, voice command games, and more . . .

Catch the Squirrel

The light (or squirrel) darts from pad to pad, first slow, then faster. Can your dog “catch the squirrel”?

Pattern Play

CleverPet’s touch pads show a lighted pattern and disappear. Your pup learns to remember increasingly complex patterns!

"Touch Left"

Word Learn

“Left!” says your recorded voice, and your dog triggers the left touch pad.

See progress minute by minute, day by day:

See progress in real time. What game level did your dog reach today?

Turn CleverPet on or off, or set it to run at particular times during the day.


Find out exactly when your dog does best.


Track your dog’s food intake to make sure it’s just right.

Highly durable and easy to maintain

Low-profile, elegant design is built to stand up to determined dogs of all sizes.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel bowl

Ultra-sensitive touch pads

Light up in dog-friendly colors

Durable dog-proof lid

Designed for daily use

Stays in its place

Non-slip base

"It was fun to play with CleverPet. It was a different way for us to interact. [Greta] played with it for an hour and afterward totally conked out. She was so tired."

Sarah G.

with Greta the miniature Schnauzer

"I was surprised by how smart it is. Both my dogs can open puzzle toys in less than a minute. I really like how much smarter CleverPet is. I can totally see the benefits of having an adaptive challenge system in place, to make it harder for them as they go, especially for Bindi. She is really smart and needs that kind of challenge."

Anna K.

with Bindi the Blue Heeler and Mylo the Lab/Catahoula mix

"I learned that Rainbow is a very intelligent dog, even more so than I thought. Sit, stay, yeah, those are basic, but to have a dog interact with this...device, and actually use it? That’s pretty cool. That was very surprising. I think that’s a different type of training, intelligence that I’ve never seen or experienced. I’ve never used a device and trained a dog to play with something that technologically advanced . . . usually it’s just a rope and ‘Go get it."

Alex F.

with Rainbow the lab/shepherd mix

"It was really fun to watch his transition from not having any idea what we’re talking about, or what the CleverPet is, to kind of understanding . . . and then he slept on it and understood it better the next day. A lot of fun to watch."

Walter T.

with Yaxby the poodle mix

Meet The Team

Leo Trottier

Founder and CEO
Previously managing editor at Scholarpedia.org. PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego

Dan Knudsen

Co-Founder and CSO
Automated animal interaction specialist. PhD in Neurosciences at UC San Diego.

Philip Meier

Chief Product Officer
PhD in Computational Neuroscience at UC San Diego.

Graham Bloem

Chief Dog Trainer
Nationally recognized dog trainer

Jarrod Barker

VP Hardware Engineering

Mike Nuttall

Design Direction
Co-Founder of IDEO

Kara Bliss

Head of Community and Customer Education

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