"I was astonished when I saw my dog learning something so different and new."

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In 2016 we released the CleverPet Hub, the world's first game console for dogs. The Hub lets you give your dog more than a walk. The games, which were designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists, keep your dog busy and out of trouble for hours each day. Give your dog more than a walk and join thousands of proud dog lovers who are already realizing their pet's full potential!

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Exploring the Touchpads
Dogs can learn that touchpads lead to food by touching any one of them. This early challenge also encourages exploration by adaptively providing surprise food.
Mastering the Lights
Dogs can master targeting by touching the one lit touchpad. Touched the wrong one? She will have to wait before she can try again. Level up by consistently getting it right.
Learning Longer Sequences
Solving this challenge requires matching a pattern in the correct order. This challenge is on the road to agility and memory games.
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Durable and easy to maintain.

  1. Stainless steel bowl.
  2. Sturdy, sensitive touchpads.
  3. Dog-proof lid.
  4. Non-slip base.
Durable and easy to maintain.

What our humans are saying:

What my husband and I both noticed was that it was a gradual process where he would first only press the center button, but then he realized that the side buttons also worked and so he would alternate between two of them. Not always the same two though. Either the left pair or the right pair (never the right-most and left-most). He usually stuck with the same pair for the whole period he was eating. And, at one point he started randomly alternating between all three buttons. It was at this point that I think he finally got the point of the lights.
I worked yesterday and was on call last night and didn't realize the hub was out of food... This morning Bach literally came and stood in front of my face on the bed and growled at me then ran to the hub then came back and growled at me then went back to the hub and pawed it a couple of times and I was thinking what is wrong with you... I logged into the app and noticed the food was empty. Haha funny how he tried to communicate that to me!!
Finn is rocking the longer sequences challenge! Thanks for making these available!! ... I can't tell you how incredibly amazing the hub is for Finn. It is everything and more we could have hoped for. Truly amazing!!
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