Realizing animal potential.

At CleverPet, we’re on a mission to realize the full potential of animals. We’re harnessing technology to enrich the lives of dogs and cats, and strengthen the bond they share with humans. Join us as we discover, together, just how much animals are capable of.

We believe animals can do so much more

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    Animals have complex inner lives.

    Curiosity, fear, excitement, and boredom are not restricted to humans. Animals feel many of the same emotions that we do, and deserve to lead full, happy lives.

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    Animals benefit when they can play and learn at home.

    Many animals are left alone all day in homes designed for humans. By enriching the home environment with Interactive puzzles and games, animals will have happier, healthier lives.

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    Together, we can achieve rich communication with animals.

    While animals may never speak like we do, technology can enable us to better understand what each other is thinking and feeling.

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    By understanding animals we better understand ourselves.

    There are far more similarities than differences between us and our animal cousins. Each time we realize something about what a dog can do we’re reminded that we’ve only scratched the surface of what they're capable of. Every lesson we learn about how animal minds thrive gives us an opportunity to learn about how we can thrive.

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