Our first #CleverClip of the Week

We’re excited to announce the first #CleverClip of the Week! We’ve been calling the the videos we see of animals engaging with the CleverPet Hub “CleverClips," and our goal for the #CleverClip of the Week is to search far and wide for the latest and most compelling videos of animals engaging with the Hub. Submissions have been funny, thought-provoking, and some just downright cute. And ultimately, these videos help to demonstrate that animals can do so much more.

We had a great field of submissions for our first #CleverClip of the Week contest, like one video capturing "that moment" when it finally clicks, a puppy tantrum over getting the last move wrong, or that time when a buddy moved in for the treat.

It was a tough contest, but we tallied the votes and declared a winner: Ripley, whose human Mark R. captured her trying several different strategies to beat the "Learning Brightness" challenge!

Ripley shows off her talents for solving puzzles on Facebook, where you can find her at Ripley's Puzzles. We've added her clip to the official CleverClips playlist, where she joins the ranks of dozens of other animals who have shown thought-provoking, funny, or cute interactions with the Hub. 

What's next? Stay tuned for our next #CleverClip of the Week contest! And keep your mobile phone handy when your pup or kitty is playing with the Hub. Who knows, you might just capture something amazing!