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The CleverPet app is available on the iPhone app store

Engage Idle Paws
The CleverPet Hub is the world’s first “game console” for dogs that turns a boring home into an engaging and intelligent all-day playground that keeps dogs happy and healthy while you’re away.

Challenge Their Mind
The Hub uses advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques developed to train dogs to solve puzzles that use a combination of colorful touchpads, lights, and sounds.

Shed Your Guilt
CleverPet was designed by dog-loving neuroscientists who felt bad about leaving their pets home alone all day and saw an opportunity to help millions of animals live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

See their True Colors
The CleverPet Hub’s latest challenge, Color Match, takes advantage of the fact that dogs can see color and puts their intelligence to the test. The goal of Color Match is to match the colors on the device’s three lit touchpads to all match before the timer runs out.


  • All Day Engagement—Dogs typically play between 50-350 times per day to earn their daily kibble. 

  • Adaptive Gameplay—Challenges adapt in difficulty based on your dog's unique abilities and interests so that they're always challenged in the right way. 

  • Color Match—A groundbreaking new challenge for the CleverPet Hub where dogs line up different colored touchpads to all be the same color.

  • Schedule Playtime—Watch your dog as they earn up to 2.5 cups of their regular kibble each day.

  • Track Progress Monitor your dog's gameplay and statistics while you're away.

  • Uses Regular Kibble—Use your dog's regular kibble to keep them engaged and playing for hours each day. Stores up to 2.5 cups of food. 

  • Durable—Designed to last for years, the CleverPet Hub extremely durable and has never been broken into by any cat or dog. 

  • Money-back Guarantee—CleverPet offers a 30-day money-back engagement guarantee in case owners are worried their dog won’t “get it”.

About CleverPet
CleverPet is a San Diego-based tech startup that uses advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques to provide meaningful interaction during the many hours when companion animals are on their own. The company’s first product, the CleverPet Hub, allows pet parents to turn their home into an engaging all-day intelligent playground for their dog. The CleverPet Hub is a connected game console that intelligently trains and engages dogs using their normal daily food. 

The CleverPet Hub combines world-class design with Ph.D.-level expertise in computational neuroscience to reduce the loneliness and anxiety caused by daily isolation. The WiFi-connected Hub adapts game complexity and style in real-time to match each dog’s unique responses and progress, so there’s always something new to learn. For additional information, visit