Dr. Daniel Knudsen

CoFounder, Clever Science Officer & Clever Technology Officer

Dan Knudsen is a distinctive 21st Century mix of neuroscientist, technologist, and entrepreneur, who strives to create things that make the world easier to understand. He is co-founder, CSO, and CTO of CleverPet, a startup that uses smart hardware to teach pets automatically through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. Dan earned a PhD in Neurosciences from UC San Diego. He has spent more than 13 years studying the brain and behavior. Dan is an alumnus and former Program Lead of the San Diego Startup Leadership Program, as well as having graduated from EvoNexus and the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator (powered by Techstars). Dan has a passion for spreading ideas, and sees entrepreneurship as an excellent and progressive way to bring important scientific advances from academia to the general public.