Introducing Color Match

Spark your dog's creativity

 Watching an animal think and make decisions may be one of the most fascinating behaviors we get to see at CleverPet. We love it when a dog approaches a new puzzle, pauses to look at each of the touch pads in turn, and then makes a careful response. If we’re lucky, they get it right and we get to see their happy reaction.

We love the opportunity that CleverPet provides to watch dogs’ and cats’ “little gears turning”. It’s that kind of creativity and exploration that makes CleverPet uniquely fun for humans and animals alike. We've wanted to see more of this, and so today we’re excited to announce Color Match, our first new game for the CleverPet Hub! Color Match is the world’s first game for animals that rewards them for exploring different problem-solving strategies.

How does Color Match work?

During the first ten challenges of CleverPet, dogs work to solve problems in which there’s only one correct response. With Color Match, dogs can decide which approach they’d like to take to solve the puzzle.

Color Match consists of two challenges: Matching Two Colors, and Matching More Colors. The object of the game is to have all touchpads match so they’re the same color. The dog does this by cycling each touchpad through a sequence of colors by using their nose or paw. The first of the two challenges, Matching Two Colors, starts off simple with only blue and yellow colors to choose between.

As dogs get better they progress to the next challenge, Matching More Colors. By adding just one more color, the difficulty of the game increases exponentially. Mastering Matching More Colors requires that dogs develop significantly more skill. At this challenge level it’s not enough for dogs to touch the touchpads randomly: as they advance the game gets more challenging by requiring that dogs solve the puzzles in fewer and fewer steps! 

Wait, dogs can see color?

Many believe that dogs can only see in shades of gray, but that isn’t true. Dogs – and cats too – can definitely see color, even if their color abilities are more limited. Dogs, like some humans, have trouble distinguishing between red and green hues. This is because dogs only have two color-sensing cells, or cones, in their retinas which limits their color perception to a blue-yellow spectrum. 

Fortunately, we made sure we found LEDs for the CleverPet Hub that emit exactly the right wavelengths in order to make maximum use of dogs’ abilities to see color. Color Match lets you see with your own eyes your dog’s “hidden” abilities. 

So, how do you get Color Match? There’s nothing for you to do: after your dog has mastered the previous challenge, Learning Longer Sequences, they’ll automatically graduate into the Color Match game. 

We can’t wait to see what your dogs (and cats) can do!

-Team CleverPet