I would honestly say this has been the best thing I ever bought for my dogs.

–Colleen R

I can't believe it - we got our hub yesterday, and already Nina is on challenge 6 - what a smart Dobie girl! The hub is really helping keep her occupied during the day so I can work in peace!

–Judy C.

We got our Clever Pet hub last week and we love it! We're really impressed with the design (both hardware and software) and our pup thinks it's pretty much the best thing ever. Excellent work!

–Katy K.

. . .

I suspect that gin will get stuck on challenge 3 for a few days. After we spent about 10 try's on challenge 0 we then passed through 1 and 2 quickly and I suspect that challenge 3 will take her a while. I don't have the brightest dog. But she is super cute. And this is the best invention in the animal training world.
again, I think this is one of the best toys I’ve ever purchased for my dog and we aren’t even in the game portion of it. Still learning that the lights make a difference.


. . .

Image title

We love tracking his progress on the app. It's nerdy but amazing. We have learned that we get some of the mental reward when he does well!

–Fima and Ali

Image title

She is having a blast. ... I think she is left handed. A fact I didn't know till i got the clever pet. =^)

–Jim E.

Image title

If CleverPet made his days just a little busier and more interesting I would be happy - but it has done much more than that! I tell everyone with a dog about it!!

. . .

Our dog can't get enough of the Clever Pet.

–Ben H.

I am a dog trainer and work at a facility that includes many services, pet training, boarding, a veterinary hospital, etc. Our large staff includes a team of trainers and 9 veterinarians with a DVM who focuses on canine behavior. We have experimented with pretty much every dog puzzle, toy, and automatic treat feeder on the market and have never seen anything that matches the cleverpet. No other product has kept my pets engaged the way cleverpet does. I will absolutely be purchasing a replacement for myself, our facility and many of its employees are waiting to purchase and our veterinarians and trainers are already discussing this product with clients. This is the best product available. It is cheaper than many of the treat dispensers or app controlled devices and it actually keeps the pets mentally engaged. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to get a preview of this amazing product. Thank you!

–Jason G.

He’s amazing how well he’s doing with it now. Also I feel like he’s happier and more energetic.


Ruggedness - we left Kota as usual in the laundry room (which as a doggy door to our fenced in back yard) - but the Hub had been left unplugged on top of the washing machine and Kota evidently wasn't done playing with it… I found it on the hard floor when I got home, having survived the 3 foot fall none the worse for wear, and it fired right up when I plugged it in and has run fine since!”

–Paul Q.

He loves it. We call it his "laptop" because James brings it to work with him and Kona will "work" on it in the office :) He really enjoys it and is frustrated when he can't play with it. Some times he gets our attention to watch him play - other times he's just doing his thing but I can see a difference in his mood and engagement. I'm a huge fan!

–Katie E.

She spent two weeks attacking the CleverPet but we stuck with it and now she knows the lights well!!!

I also think there are some medical benefits to the CleverPet ...I think the CleverPet could prevent diabetes in dogs that are prone to getting it - I feel Izabella is in that category and I have noticed a big difference in her blood sugar levels after instituting the CleverPet!! Just thought I would mention it bc it could help a lot of dogs if you could let people and vets know of this advantage.

–Tatum H

.   .   .

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Pixie and I LOOOVEEEEE your product! He's a Shiba Inu/Basenji mix, aka a total jerk, and this is the only thing we've found that actually gets him to eat fish flavored kibble - his coat looks awesome and it's all thanks to you guys! Really happy to see a product based in science and aimed to keep our pups entertained in our boring human houses.

–Nadia R.

Image title

Rose absolutely loves her “magic food machine”. She’s up to 7 steps to get her treat. I believe when she’s bored or might choose an unwanted behavior she goes to her “magic food machine” and instead exercises her mind and gets a tasty reward!


Image title

I have to say I was skeptical about Clever Pet at first but my dog Dexter has warmed up to it and absolutely loves it. He is learning how to use it so fast. I'm amazed. Our friends who has seen it in action are completely convinced to getting one. Kudos to all of you.

–Julio C.

.   .   .

Thanks, got the app downloaded and machine number one working and is already LOVED by my 18 mth old lab who won't leave it!!!

–Sue W.

To begin, I want to say that after a few failed Kickstarters, my love for your product has renewed my faith in crowd funding products.

I am extremely pleased and at times even in awe of how my dog has took to it. He's still in the phase where he gets a little frustrated with it and walks away at times, but he knows it has food and he regularly engages. He knows *how* to activate it, but hasnt quite figured out that it's the lit pad that is triggering the reward. In time…

Looking forward to hearing back and a huge pat on the back to the entire team, I've been a software developer in a hardware company, so I realize just how difficult the hardware world can be to breakthrough in. Well done!

*slow clap*

–Gabe H.

I wanted to say that my dog Star loves her new Cleverpet. She is already on Challenge#3 after 30 minutes.

–Tara T.

Annie is still loving it! In just three days she has blasted her way to Challenge 4. She knows the touch pads work but still isn't quite sure about the lights, which often results in her despondently trying to cuddle the food out of the robot. Is it working yet?... Challenge 4 is certainly proving to be a doozy for her. I was just working with her on my dinner break, though, and it seems like a couple of commands she already knows might be helping her to get the idea: "wait," for when she wants to scrabble at the hub immediately after the food tray disappears, and "look!" to highlight when the light on the touch pad flashes on. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling she'll master this one in no time too, then we'll be off to the big leagues! I can't wait. Thank you for your quick response and your great support!

–Maggie K.

She's already at Touching the touchpads on day 1, Loving it. You should all be so proud.

–Jon A.

“Thanks so much for the thoughtful tips! To my surprise, with my 5-yr old dog a bit scared of the CleverPet, her 10-yr old brother get curious about the food and he LOVES it. We never thought he’d be interested at all. So with 3 dogs in the house, he is the one has taken to it and that is fine. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

–Renee J.

Got the Hub yesterday and put it down today. We have four dogs. Three related Miniature Schnauzers (mother, daughter and son) and a Lhasa Apso. The Schnauzers have always mastered any puzzle in no time. We also play a game where I hide a toy and as they are running around looking for it I will say yes and no when they are close or moving away. They are all good at that. The Lhasa prefers not to participate. I don't blame her, the Schnauzers will wear you out. I put the hub down and immediately they were all around it trying to open the door the treats went into. I have to say I am pretty proud of how fast they got it. At the end of day one they are on the lit not lit button challenge.

I think they are teaching each other. If one hasn't been around it for a bit when they go to the hub they get the challenge immediately. Also, two will sit and watch one play and then they will take a turn. If there is ever an Olympic Event for dogs and the Cleverpet we can bring home the gold.

You have a great product and obviously a great love for animals that shows in all of the research you did regarding how the dogs approach the Hub. By making their lives better you have made mine better as well.

I think you should have bumper stickers to sell that say Proud Parent of a CleverPet Dog.”

–George M.

thank you for all of your help! i worked out in the living room today so I could watch the interaction. super great product - great customer service - great staff ;) worth every penny. i am excited for enhancements that will allow for the interaction to last longer

–Shannon S.

Great toy, got it about 15 mins ago. Followed the steps and he has already figured out the lights and is scratching at it. Well worth the wait!

He is obsessed! He snuck out of bedtime to run downstairs and get more treats! I put honey nut cheerios in it and he goes wild. He is learning right now to avoid the unlit buttons and is obsessed with it. What a nice job!

–Jennifer K.

My wife was super impressed with the packing and instructions. It is a great product; we love sharing it with our friends.

–Gregg E.

Stitch was being ridiculous yesterday. Refused to eat his food and decided to spend the afternoon playing with his hub earning snacks. Had to eventually unplug it so he'd eat. Thanks for your help and for checking in!

–Indiana J.

Thank you for your time and for having an amazing product.

–Ugar A.

I had mainly bought it for my really smart 13 year old boy. He gets bored and is very food motivated. So basically it has become his hub. The other dogs aren't allowed to play with it unless I put them (one at a time) in a separate room with it. They all love it and they all interact with it a bit differently. One dog figured it out right away, one just stares at it (very intensely), and the other would get so excited he kept trying to break into the back end where he knew the food was. But, it has withstood their scratching and slobbering. My 13 year old LOVES it and wakes up in the morning ready to play. He plays intensely for about 40 minutes before the kibble is out. I like to give him half his daily food through the hub and the other half at night. He lets me know when it's out of food.

Anyhow, it's an awesome product and I just wanted to tell you how it's worked in my household!

–Karaline N.

So l have been monitoring the machines and BOY even l am struggling…! But its great…! My 2 yo Lab boy has it figured and hubby and l were blown away at how quick he taps them with his nose. Took a video as l was impressed so will try and upload it later. My 11yo girl gets every 2 or 3 sessions but she is more patient and will sit and try to “nut” it out. Am finding though they will engage with it for 1/2 an hour or so, then take a break then come back when they feel like going again. Just LOVE my Cleverpet Machines….THANK YOU…!

–Sue W.

We were surprised that Rustie has taken to playing with "her robot". You see . . . Rustie does not fetch, chase, or any other dog games of play. So . . . not only did we teach an old dog new tricks . . . CleverPet taught our girl to play after all these years!"

. . . Not the most dynamic video . . . but it's over the top for Rustie! Thank you all for CP . . . you made a very friendly and people-happy dog finally play-happy!

–Tim B.

I got my CleverPet this afternoon. I set it up with treats. Jake (a beagle) took to it like a fish to water. I bought treats for it. Needless to say he ate more treats than he does in a week. Tomorrow I'm getting him a different flavored kibble than he eats for meals to replace actual treats. I had to take the CleverPet away from him because he was eating too much.

–Todd H.

. . . 

"We're really pleased [with] how well the Hub has worked out. Cassie likes it so much that she looks forward to using it each day, literally sitting by the closed laundry at 5 PM – where the Hub is kept – literally waiting for me to bring it out and plug it in! So funny."

–Maurice L.

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