"A dog with a job is a happy dog." 
Graham Bloem, CleverPet Chief Dog Trainer

Dogs spend billions of hours at home alone in the U.S. each year. Some of America's favorite breeds and mixes (Retrievers and Shepherds, for example) are working dogs with lots of energy. Often there's nowhere (or at least, nowhere good!) for this energy to go. And often, that means dogs are left alone to chew up shoes, destroy furniture, and do other kinds of damage that can be costly to you and dangerous to their health and well being.

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Home is boring. CleverPet fixes that.

Don't take our word for it, though. Hear it from our community.

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"Before the game, he would rarely leave his crate in the morning, only to follow Ali in to the bathroom and squeeze his face against the shower door. Now, we can hardly take him away from the game and he's much more up and adam [sic] in the morning."
–Fima M.

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"My Cirneco dell’Etna is Lilli. She has been diagnosed with Addison's disease, and has become very nervous. I bought the CleverPet to give her a "job" She's happy when she has things to think about."

–Debra D.

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"...having this hub really is the cornerstone to calming her obsessiveness. Plus, she is never bored and she can access food whenever she wants it. It has also helped increase her patience"

–Rebecca W.

"I am a veterinarian as my day job, and have absolutely enjoyed watching the learning process and seeing the benefits of mental stimulation in my own pet! I'm excited to watch this product grow and can see the potential for it to be helpful for so many pets in many situations."
“I invested in the Clever Pet when Oliver was having some challenges while I was at work. He would howl on and off throughout the day, especially when he saw neighbors outside, and my one neighbor works nights so his howling was greatly effecting this neighbor. The Clever Pet was a way to give Oliver something challenging to do with his time while I was away because he was mastering his puzzle feeders way too fast.”

–Cassie M.