Frequently Asked Questions

CleverPet Hub

The Basics

How does the CleverPet Hub work?

How is the CleverPet Hub powered?

Can I control when my dog plays on the Hub? How do I turn the Hub on and off?

Wait a minute, this thing is connected to WiFi? What does that actually mean?

How durable is the CleverPet Hub?

Using the Hub

How many games can my dog play on CleverPet?

Can more than one dog use a CleverPet Hub?

Is my dog too young or too old to use the Hub?

Is my dog smart enough to use the Hub?

Does a dog need to be a minimum weight to activate the CleverPet?

It sounds cool, but I have a lot more questions for you!

Won’t my dog overeat, or get fat? Is this some fancy treat dispenser?

How do dogs see the different colored lights? Aren’t dogs colorblind?

Could my dog’s tongue or paw get caught on the dish when it moves?

Does the CleverPet work for cats, pigs, or other animals?

To heck with dogs. My cat is freaking awesome. Can she play with the Hub?

What about pigs?

Contacting CleverPet

I'd like to get in touch with your team. How do I do that?

Who do I contact to review the Hub?